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Share Your Story

Do you have an experience or reflection from your time at OROT, perhaps about how OROT has impacted your life, that you would like to share? We welcome submissions from both alumni and their families! Your story might be shared on OROT’s website, in our promotional materials, and through our social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

If you would prefer, you can remain anonymous. We just ask that you tell us if you are a current student or parent, a member of our alumni, or a former parent. Example ― Anonymous, Former Parent, '21.


And if you wish to share your story but prefer not to write it, we can write it for you! Please contact Beth Schonberger, Director of Development, at or 610.504.0613.

that your kid will take to make it all better. What I am going to tell you that is if your kid works hard and wants to confront their learning problem, OROT is going to do everything in its power to help you. These teachers care about their students. They will help you understand what kind of learner you are, be it auditory, visual, or anything. Once I was a kid and thought the darkness would go on forever, but I found the light. OROT was that light.

I am not going to tell you that OROT has a magic pill 

― Josh C.

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