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You Make Learning Possible

It is our community of parents, grandparents, alumni and friends―united by our shared Jewish values―that has led to the extraordinary success of OROT and the students we serve. We are profoundly grateful for your support.



There are many ways to invest in our work. For additional information regarding any of the options defined below, please contact Hilary Cummings, or 215.935.0020.

Make a Gift Online


Our Light the Way Annual Campaign

OROT makes it possible for children with diverse learning needs to attend Jewish day school. Your contribution means our classrooms―both physical space and virtual―are equipped with state-of-the-art curricula and materials to meet the various learning needs of our students. And it means our teachers are trained in the most current techniques and best practices. Please join us in empowering OROT students by contributing to our annual campaign.

OROT Scholarship Fund

OROT awards tuition assistance to families who would otherwise not be able to afford the support their diverse learners need to attend Jewish day school. Donations to the OROT Scholarship Fund directly support families in need.

The Grandparent Mezuzah Society

There is an old adage that says, “kissing a mezuzah is like kissing your grandchild,” a moment filled with adoration and commitment to Judaism and the ones we love. OROT grandparents represent the core of this giving society that supports the future of our program. Now more than ever, as we face the challenge of ensuring a new generation is educated in our traditions and values. With an annual gift of $1,800 or more, grandparents become members of the OROT Grandparent Mezuzah Society. By joining this exclusive group, you are investing in your grandchild and all of the grandchildren who represent the future of the Jewish community. Learn more by contacting Beth Schonberger, Development Director, at or 610.504.0613.


Make a Gift in Honor or Memory

Consider making a gift to commemorate an important life event such as a wedding, B’nei/Bat Mitzvah, birth or birthday, or to remember a loved one. Both individual acknowledgement cards, and packs of ten blank acknowledgement cards indicating you made a gift, are available. If you need additional information, please contact Hilary Cummings, Office Manager, at or 215.935.0020.


Matching Gifts

Many companies will match the gift you make to nonprofit organizations. Check the list to determine if your company is included, and also let us know if your company should be added. If you own a business, gifts to OROT can be made in the name of your business.

Charitable Bequests and Planned Giving

Parents, grandparents, alumni and friends are asked to consider leaving a meaningful legacy for our organization and for Jewish education by including OROT in your will or revocable trust. Please consult your professional advisor before making any gift, as OROT is not engaged in providing legal or tax advice. We encourage you to speak with an estate planning attorney to help you make your plans. If you have planned to make a gift to OROT, we hope you will inform us of your commitment. For more information or to have a confidential conversation about your gift commitment (as many or as few details as you wish), please contact Beth Schonberger, Director of Development, at or 610-504-0613.

Gifts of Stock and Appreciated Securities

Gifts of stock and securities can provide additional tax advantages to you, while greatly benefiting our school. When you give your appreciated securities to OROT, your tax deduction is based on the full fair-market value on the date of your gift, and you avoid capital gains on approved securities. Please contact Beth Schonberger, Director of Development, at or 610.504.0613 for OROT account information and before initiating a transfer.


Since 2001, the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program has provided companies paying taxes in Pennsylvania with tax credits for donations to approved scholarship organizations such as OROT. In 2012, Pennsylvania created the OSTC program as an expansion of the EITC program to provide scholarship support for students who reside within the boundaries of a public school designated by the state as low achieving.


The EITC and OSTC programs provide businesses with tax credits of 75% for a one-year gift and 90% if a business agrees to provide the same contribution for two consecutive tax years. Eligible businesses must be authorized to do business in Pennsylvania and subject to one of several specified taxes. Please consult your tax advisor as to how these programs may impact your business.


While there is a lot of information available online, we also welcome the opportunity to talk with you about this option. Please contact Beth Schonberger, Director of Development, at or 610.504.0613.


As I look back on those years, I realize I would not have been able to stay at a Jewish day school without the program. OROT gave me an invaluable gift, the gift of self-mastering. Before OROT, I was not able to control my behavior. OROT taught me how to read my own signals. OROT gave me the tools and strategies to control myself. OROT eradicated my curses by showing me they were actually my gifts. When I am finished growing up, I will remember OROT and be one of their biggest supporters!

I am a sixteen-year-old graduate of OROT.

— J. Shore

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