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Our Mission

OROT offers diverse learners in Jewish day schools a personalized support program addressing academic, social and behavioral needs, while building confidence and promoting success. We seek to provide the best possible individualized Jewish, secular and social curriculum, instruction and environment.

A Love Letter from OROT Students



At OROT, we believe a Jewish day school education should be accessible to every child, including students with diverse learning needs. Our teams of highly trained educators are embedded within each of our four partner schools to provide the individualized academic, social and behavioral support that makes student success possible.


Our Jewish day school partners include the Forman and Stern campuses of the Perelman Jewish Day School, Caskey Torah Academy and Politz Hebrew Academy. All have varying Judaic curriculum.

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OROT’s comprehensive curriculum includes instruction in reading, writing, math and Judaic studies, and the development of critical executive functioning and social skills. Support may be provided in an OROT classroom as well as during lessons taught in the mainstream classroom. For each student we serve, our experts build a thoughtful and customized program to meet specific needs and challenges.


Our students’ challenges include general learning disabilities, developmental delays, behavioral disorders, brain injuries, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, auditory processing, dyslexia and dysgraphia, among others.

Reflective of our name―the Hebrew word for lights―OROT is committed to lighting the way for every diverse learner to reach his/her full potential.



Hilary Cummings

Office Manager



Jill Rosen, Chair
Andrea Kirshenbaum, Vice President
Melinda Engel, Secretary
Chavi Schwarzbaum, Treasurer and Past Chair

Mindy Andelman
Charna Axelrod
Beverly Bernstein
Holly B. Cohen
Amy Erlbaum
Stacey Goldman
Nancy Ford Grossman
Robin Katz
Steven Katz

Joanne Lane
Melanie Lieberman
Elliot Norry
Gail Norry
Chagit Nusbaum
Michal Rabinowitz
Cindy Smukler
Gail Sternberg



OROT was founded in 1999 by Gail and Elliot Norry based on their own family’s needs.

The Norrys were considering how best to educate their son Benjamin, who had been diagnosed on the autism spectrum with pervasive developmental disorder prior to entering first grade. Their older daughter was enrolled at Perelman Jewish Day School, and the couple, who were prominent leaders in the Jewish community, wanted the same experience for their son. But they knew Ben would need additional support to follow that path. The Norrys launched OROT with one teacher on staff serving just two students, including Benjamin. Today, the organization supports more than 70 students across four Jewish day schools. in the Greater Philadelphia region. It is the only program of its kind in the Greater Philadelphia region.

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