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Students with diverse learning needs must first gain admittance to one of our four partner schools before applying for OROT programming. There is an additional cost for OROT support beyond school tuition. OROT does provide scholarships for many of our students. 

In evaluating applications, the OROT Admissions Committee seeks to admit students whose needs can be most effectively met by our program. Decisions are not based on financial considerations.




Applications are accepted throughout the year.   Parents are notified of the Admissions Committee’s decision regarding acceptance, provisional acceptance or rejection by May 15 via written letter.

In some cases, admission to the OROT program may be contingent upon a child receiving supplementary services beyond those provided by OROT, such as occupational or speech therapy, and/or psychological intervention. Partner schools may help to provide information in accessing services and/or evaluations.

Following their first year of OROT programming, students must apply for re-enrollment for each new academic year. 

― Chavi Schawrzbaum

To see him grow and develop in the environment OROT is providing is giving us hope that we once thought was lost.”

OROT has given life to our son for the second time.

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